Sunday, January 13, 2013

December 2012

We did not participate in the Parker Christmas Parade on December 8th as planned.  I had been feeling under the weather a bit and the original weather forecast called for only highs in the 20's.  The weather ended up being good though and didn't get cold and yucky until Sunday!  Oh, well.......we'll plan for next year.  Hoping to get my VW bug truck(yes a VW bug based truck!) ready for parades in 2013, that way I can be in various parades and advertise ELLA without taking a little horse.  The little truck's name is "Elliot".  Elliot is way COOL!

December 12th: We co-hosted another American Girl crafts event at the Elizabeth Library. Samantha (Victorian times) was the featured American Girl Doll.  ELLA and the library supplied the things needed to make an old fashioned glass paperweight (kind of like a snow globe without the water).  It had a small gingerbread house inside.  We had 9 girls and 1 boy show up out of the 12 that had signed up.  Was a lot of fun seeing how creative each child was, decorating their paperweights each very differently.  Jan and Elizabeth from the library were a great help!  Looks like they will coordinate with ELLA/me to have an afterschool book club starting in January 2013 and running through May 2013.  Thank you to Jan and Elizabeth and The Friends of the Elizabeth Library!

We have added some animals to the ranch/sanctuary in 2012:
1) Spring brought 4 Silky Bantams chicks to the ranch.  My granddaughter, Natalya, helped to pick them out.  One ended up being a rooster whom we named, Reuben, after John Wayne's character Reuben "Rooster" Cogburn.  He crows all the time, not just in the morning and he thinks he's "hot stuff".  He might be little but he's feisty!  The hens are named, Dusty, Amelia, and Angel.
2) We became a home for two miniatures (a 19 year old broodmare and her 2009 "miracle" filly) after their owners lost their land lease for their animal sanctuary. We are still hoping that the original owners/family once they are back on their feet with new jobs and new place can have them back.
3)In October a 2 year old mini mule came to live with us.  We went to a local auction and no one even put a bid on him so we did.  He is more refined (looks more like a horse than a donkey) and found out that he "drives" (aka pulls a cart) better than he leads.  So we are working on training him to lead better.  Named him Blessing Ways Heza Dandy (Dandy for short).  He makes the cutest sound (not a horse's neigh and not a donkey's bray)-very unique.  We have to keep him separate while we try to find someone from the herd that will bond with him.
4) On our wedding anniversary we ended up with a lost kitten. Probably a drop off since we live in the country. The dropping off of animals because someone no longer wants them really makes me angry! When we took her to the vet he said she was about 6 months old.  We had our vet give her all her shots and had her spayed. She is another one of our inside cats now.  Named her Lucy Lou.

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