Friday, January 11, 2013

Fall 2012

I was able to take an online photography class on doing Pet Photography.  I've been active in Equine Photographer's Network in the past but wanted to expand into doing other animal photography.  For this course I had to submit three photos for critique.  I did a head shot of one of our mini geldings, Simon Says,a window lit portrait of our cat, Benni, and our neighbor graciously allowed me to photograph their blind lab chow mix dog named Maggie.  I hope to build a portfolio of work and begin to do pet photography as a way of bringing in funds to help feed and care for all the ranch animals.  Will be a great way to stay active in photography, which is what I have a college degree in.

We were unable to volunteer with the Black Stallion Literacy Foundation's (now called Horse Tales) event in early September.  Bill had a work scheduling conflict and since he is my designated driver/hauler of the horse trailer we had to cancel our committment.  We were so sorry to do so since we enjoy volunteering with them! I know I need to train a few of my smaller minis to go into my Astro van so I can do some events/activities without using the truck and two horse trailer.

In October ELLA gave 60 books with coordinating stuffed animals to Mt. Saint Vincent Children's Home in Denver.  Boxes and boxes of books/stuffed animals were donated to ELLA in 2011 by the author, Jamie King.  We have enjoyed giving these books/stuffed animals to children in need whenever the opportunity arises.  Thanks again to Jamie King and her family for this wonderful donation of books/stuffed animals!

Our Lil Bright Hopes (Blessing Ways smallest mini mare) won cutest pet in Big R's  (the Elizabeth store) Pet Costume Contest on October 31st.  Hope was dressed  up in a Sunflower headband, sunflower fabric blanket, and two baskets full of fake sunflowers hung off both sides of the blanket.  What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!! She even walked into the store and "posed" for photos.  We received a $100 gift certificate which of course was used for horse feed.

In November we had a booth at the Elizabeth Middle School's Crafts Fair.  Shared a side by side booth with daughter, Lori.  Made some great connections: 1) a teacher at Running Creek Elementary who might want us to come with a mini or two for a "teaching" event for 4th grade Colorado History and 2) a local girl scout troop.  I really need to get on the ball and get some ELLA programs written up as samples and advertise for 2013.  Learning about miniature horses as a breed is one of the programs and other programs themed per horse and their biographical people (example: our mini mare called Little Sure Shot Annie for Annie Oakley).  The biggest blessing was the introduction of our first ELLA book (written by daughter, Lori and illlustrated by an artist/friend, Jo Varn).  Book title: A Christmas Rascal.  It is a Christmas story with our spotted mini donkey jack, Rascal and Hope, our smallest mini mare as the main characters. We sold a few at the Crafts Fair and a few during the holiday season. 

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