Wednesday, January 9, 2013

March 2012

ELLA participated in the Used Book sale at a small Homeschooling Conference in Loveland, Colorado.  I was able to stay overnight with my Dad, Ed Bowden, who still lives in Ft. Collins, just north of Loveland.  He helped me the night before put ELLA stickers in all the books, helped me tote in and out books and set up the table the day of the event.  It was a great daughter/dad time!  Bill and I covered the cost of the booth and other costs to participate.  Books that sold from us (Provision Books-donated to ELLA) were stickered with round green stickers and those donated by others were done with red stickers. That made it much easier for me in the end to know what sold and from whom.  Thankful to all those who donated books!  I made lots of notes about what sold well and what didn't so I will know better what to bring for next year's (2013) event.  Someday I would like to participate with a booth at the Colorado Homeschoolers Conference held every June in Denver but the cost of the booth is too high for Bill and I to cover.  Hoping someone will consider covering the booth cost for 2013.

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