Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Summer 2012

At the end of May we began to advertise our second annual Summer Reading Program: "Have Book Will Travel-Back to the Wild West" but alas we had no response.  Since all the various libraries host summer reading programs we cannot compete in this area so will not try doing this in 2013.  I did contact the Elbert County Library District about hosting a Have Book Will Travel-Back To The Wild West-Kaya/American Girl crafts day.  They quickly said yes and in July we did a crafts day at the Elizabeth Library.  Each child made a Nez Perce Parfleche (Native American storage envelope). We took our mini leopard appaloosa, Chance, and the children got to meet him in an outside corral area we set up.  We also hosted a nonlibrary sanctioned Kaya event at the Parker Library later in July.  The conference room was full due to a great response from a local homeschooling group.  We did not take Chance to this event.  We are hoping to do more American Girl/Historical Women events in 2013.  We received a financial donation from the Friends of the Elizabeth Library after the Kaya event.  Thanks go out to them for this monetary gift!
*July 4th, 2012 Photo on left is of grand-daughter, Natalya, and Lil Hope at the neighborhood Fourth of July Parade.*

The Elbert County Newspaper did a front page article on ELLA.  They found out about us and our projects because of the Elizabeth Library advertising the Kaya Crafts Day in their paper.  Because of this article we got a small monetary donation from a lady who had read the article and wanted to support what we do.

We had a booth again at the Douglas County Fair in early August.  This Fair has such a great turnout and has been a great place to make connections.  We sold many horse books to horse crazy girls!

Also, in August, the equine dentist, Carl Mitz, from Texas visited the ranch and did dental work on all the horses that needed it.  Thankful that the local miniature horse club brings him up from Texas every year.  This year Carl had his son with him, who is a book lover and avid reader.  We talked about what books he had read and enjoyed and that made the dental work time go faster.  We had a whole herd of deer come up the driveway while they were finishing up the dental work.  Both Carl and his son enjoyed seeing the herd which included 3 fawns!

A very special blessing happened this summer!  We received out first corporate donation.  It came by way of a vintage car racing friend who named ELLA as the recipient of choice from his five real estate refinance closings with Wells Fargo.  We hope to get some new professional brochures done in hopes that someone else might help ELLA in this way.  With the funds we were finally able to pay off the balance owed the accountant who did all the IRS 501c3 paperwork filing and also pay off various vet bills.  We had hoped that the funds could go towards the building of a small on-site library building but old debts needed to be paid first.  Getting an on-site library building up and functioning by summer 2013 is a goal we hope to meet!

Some local feed stores, Elizabeth and Kiowa Feed (both owned by the same wonderful lady, Mary) and Elizabeth's Big R store have graciously given ELLA a 5% discount on all purchases.  Thanks go out to them for this major financial help!

Another blessing was a local neighbor who was moving to Missouri allowed us to purchase her 1950's John  Deere manure spreader for a discount and a tax donation receipt.  She also donated many horse tack items so now we have a good start towards having a tack sale fundraiser in the spring (2013).

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