Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 13, 2016

Wanted to encourage everyone who comes to the blog to visit ELLA's facebook page as that is where I have been posting most of ELLA's information as of late.

News: **We are excited to have a vendor/fundraising booth at Littleton's Western Welcome Week which is Saturday, August 20th.  Hope that if you are in the Littleton area that day that you will come visit us at our booth. We hope to have Breyer horse models, and other wonderful things to sell to raise funds for ELLA's horses and programs. **We have been working hard at getting the property looking better (manure removed and other debris) which has taken us longer this year due to a wet spring and wet early summer.  **We now have a new ELLA/Blessing Way Minis sign that we hope to get up on the front fence today.  A  wonderful Christian man, Jim Davis, also has made us a scripture sign, too, for which we are very thankful for! **Working hard on getting The Little Free Library ( finished and up down by where our driveway and Thunder Hill meet.  This is a community outreach for ELLA---"Take a Book-Return a Book". We,also, hope to finish the interior of The Story Stable (built with a grant from Staples Foundation For Learning) soon.  It has been used for horse feed storage over the winter but hopefully we will be purchasing very soon a small garden shed from Sears so that we can store horse feed in it instead of The Story Stable.  I want to get shelves full of books on one side of The Story Stable and use the other side (partitioned off) for saddles and tack.