Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Colorado Trivia Challenge Game #1

  Original post 6/18/2019

(questions taken from a vintage 1984 Colorado Trivia Game)

--Answers will be given in a later post---check back on the blog to see if you have guessed the correct answers!

1) "This broad-brimmed trademark of Westerners was designed in Colorado in the early 1860's, and was named after it's designer."
7/2/2019 Answer: The Stetson hat designed by John B. Stetson.

2) "What is the name of the highest continuously paved road in the U.S.?
7/2/2019 Answer: Trail Ridge Road

3) "This famous cry by gold seekers headed west to find fortune was inspired by this famous mountain peak. Name the Slogan."
7/2/2019 Answer: :PIKES PEAK OR BUST!

4) "Name the 3 kinds of rock found in Colorado."
7/2/2019 Answer: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic

5) "What type of bridge is the Royal Gorge?"
7/2/2019 Answer: Suspension

The Little Horse Detective Blessing Ways Gabriel Take A Bow (nickname Gabe) hopes you have fun finding the answers to these questions!!!!!

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