Tuesday, June 18, 2019

This is the restart of the ELLA blog with the focus as The Little Horse Detective Agency TM.  Previous posts about past ELLA activities, etc.... have been deleted. See FACEBOOK page for more information about activities and events.

WHO and WHAT is The Little Horse Detective Agency TM? WHO: The Agency is comprised of all the equines residing at Blessing Way Mini Ranch and Sanctuary.  This includes all the miniature horses, miniature donkeys, one mini mule, and 4 large horses and one male Nubian goat who is the companion to our blind mini.  WHAT do they do as "Detectives"? They will be posting Trivia Questions about Colorado, The Wild West, and The Bible as a Challenge Game.  They will be hot on
the trail of good books for children and teens to read (shared as book reviews), following clues, doing research, and discovering and sharing about what they find.  We hope to include some posts about historical places that will be fun to visit and enjoy.  And we might share some posts from previous LHDA articles written for the newspaper publications, The Prairie Times and High Plains Rider.

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